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Welcome to ADR Locksmith, Hackney

ADR Locksmith is a local locksmith service based in Lower Clapton, Hackney, covering most of North London, East London and Central London.

We provide all the fitting, replacement, repair and servicing options one would expect from a locksmith operation, including emergency call outs, and we hope to provide them in a convenient and helpful manner. 

Emergency Callout 020 8986 5323


07747 031189



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What type of lock do I have

If you can't find a link above that slots easily around your requirements, Please give us a call. We really do wish to provide a service that is helpful and convenient. We know London has all manner of odd 'arrangements' that persist from a complex history. They often don't fit the received ideas of what a home or a living space should be. Or a storage area, or a workplace or 'access' area.


But you can still lock it.



A thought on the history of locks


Locks are often considered a modern inconvenience. An awkward measure required by the untrustworthy times we live in. It is especially easy to view them in this light if you have come to this site to find a remedy to some aspect of their physical failure. But please take some heart from the fact that locks have provided important support in the progress of human civilisation for thousands of years.

As soon as human societies grew to a level beyond knowing everyone in your community personally, and travel ceased to be a rare occurrence, civilisation developed rapidly as ideas, people and goods moved around the land and the globe. Without something to counter the spread of the associated insecurity this development brought with it there could have been a sensible interest in avoiding it and civilisation may have been much slower and much more insular.

So the fact that metropolitan, and indeed cosmopolitan, places like London exist might never have happened without the development of locks.

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