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Worn out cylinder lock pin next to new one on a key wear and tear wearing down Worn lock pin next to a new one

Locks do wear out eventually. If your's isn't behaving like it used to it could be letting you know it's on its last legs. It has probably had the key put in and turned thousands and thousands of times. Possibly in a manner that showed very little regard for its wellbeing, despite doing its level best to protect much of what you hold dear. No complaints. That's its job.


But if it is starting to get a bit scratchy or stiff, or even unusually loose, it is probably time to have it looked at.


The alternative is that it will give up and fail. Sod's law dictates that this will happen at the time fate considers to be the most awkward.


In which case...

But, if you choose to take the sensible, timely option we can provide a service to suit your needs.


In these 'throwaway' days it is often most cost effective to go for the lock replacement option, and like for like or upgraded options should be available.


But this may not cure all problems. It might not be the lock that's at fault if an issue has developed through normal wear and tear. Perhaps a part can be replaced or some simple remedial work can put things right. Sometimes it's simply a matter of things sagging with age. Happens to us all, I suppose. 


It is also sometimes preferable to maintain some aspect of the lock in its present form. You may wish to keep the same keys if an entrance is used by multiple key holders and, in some instances, this may be a requirement of the property owner or manager. This can usually be acheived by repairing what is there or by fitting replacement locks matched to the keys in use.



It may be that the lock itself would be best left in situ but the keys need to be changed. If for aesthetic reasons or that the lock has no modern dimensional replacement. This can often be achieved along with the lock getting serviced at the same time.

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