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There is nothing more depressing than getting your bicycle half inched. You usually discover it's missing just as you were about to use it, and now you can't.

Actually, depending on your persuasion, getting your motorbike knicked is more depressing. If only because they sometimes cost more and there's usually more paperwork faff involved.

Being of both persuasions I have experienced both calamities first hand. I will try and pass on some of my hard won experience around securing what are essentially mobile devices. And while they might not be 'smart' mobile devices, they are loved in ways that leave wounds when Herberts have them away. You feel a painful sorrow for a lump of metal which inhabits a particular familiarity in your consiousness, and it leaves a hole. You worry for its wellbeing as it embarks on a new journey without care or kindness, or you. It's only true friend.

While much is the same I will split them to try and make the advice more pertinent.







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