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Lock replacement

Old Legge sashlock under new version New lock replacement for older one with sticky levers

Locks are all different but the sizes tend to be fairly uniform within a few different standards. If an exact replacement is not available it shouldn't be too diificult to get something equivalent.


As such, it is usually a fairly straightforward task to replace a lock. It can however sometimes become more complicated if the previous fitment was a little lacklustre in its application. When this is the case we will find a way to get the new lock operating as it should and you will now have not only a new lock, but an improved one as well.


This also includes the possibility of taking the opportunity to upgrade the locks to be fitted. Locks are generally very reliable and as such it is not uncommon to find that locks which have been serving quite faithfully in use are no longer sufficient to follow modern best practice advice or fullfil any insurance requirements. (And we all know they are just itching to pay out on every claim they get.)


By the way, this is the act of removing a lock and replacing it with a new one. That may sound obvious but it is not the act of replacing nothing with a lock. That is lock fitting, which we also do.



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