ADR Locksmith
ADR Locksmith


Basic Callout                      £65

This includes emergency access if you're locked out. Non destructive entry methods are always attempted first. Usually that's you're lot, but if the lock needs replacing with a new one its cost will be in addition to this.

Out of Hours                              +£20

After 6pm an additional score is levied. If it's after last orders it will be two.

Lock Fitting                                  £75

This does not include the cost of the lock being fitted. Assumes there is no lock there at present.

Lock Replacement                       £35

The cost of the lock being fitted will be in addition to this. If remedial work is required then this will cost extra depending on what's needed.

Suite replacement / Keying Alike / Windows

Can't give a blanket price for these jobs as they can involve varying amounts of work, so please do get in touch. It may involve a visit to establish what's required but this will not incur a callout charge and all efforts will be made to ensure the eventual charge will leave you chuffed.

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